Been a while: I’ve been doing a lot of my micro-blogging from Facebook. Getting slowly back into longer updates for friends and acquaintances.

But here’s what’s been happening to me lately;

School: I passed on two high school and one college reunions, but I damn well made sure I went to my social group (think “Frat lite”)’s twenty year reunion. It was a real trip.

– Spent several days hanging out with my best friend Nikolai, and seeing the wonders of Milwaukee. It’s a far cooler place than it has any reason to be. Between the FUEL coffee house, the Urban Ecology Center, the music scene, green building, etc. Great stuff.

– The reunion was cool too: I basically went up with the target of meeting some friends, reconnecting with others, and staying away from everything else. Mission accomplished. Even reconnected with a friend that has the same hobbies as me after all these years (anime, games, etc).

– At night, after walking some folks to their rooms/taxis, I did one last late-night tour of the college campus, stopping off at every single building at the campus that I lived in or had a class in. So many memories came flooding back: Most of the buildings are made well, so are in great shape even after 13+ years. Old friends, old relationships, old mistakes, old victories… college is so weird, but then again for four years, including the summers, I pretty much lived and worked and studied and socialized within the same square mile of buildings..

Sick: After coming back, I promptly caught some kind of bug: defenses likely worn down because of stress at work and Green Bay weather, then the viral tube AKA airplanes set off the rest: Sickest I’ve been in about two years (last time I went to the doctor was over two years ago): Massive viral infection, fever, and weird side effects like dizziness and hiccups for the most of four days. I think I’m getting better now, but man I hate to be gone from work for a few days, only to have to take a week off. Friends at work mentioned that entire departments are getting hit by bugs, with people being out sick, the people sitting next to them out sick, and so on. So I guess I’m glad I didn’t push too hard.

So as not to have too much tl;dr, I’ll save the second half for tomorrow.