Wow. Been meaning to update for a bit. But strange things happened since my last:

* Right after the last post, I got sick for 10 WEEKS. First a viral bronchitis, then a standard cold, then the flu, then ??? I was able to recover, but by then it was mid-winter. A cold, harsh winter that also left me listless but inactive.

* Then I got busy on projects, namely finishing up the last of Tenra Bansho Zero, an RPG project I’ve been working on for almost six years now.

* I got a huge promotion/job shift at work, which basically moved me from a Rodeo Cowboy to a Rodeo Cowboy on a┬áTyrannosaurus┬áRex in a lake of fire and electricity. Awesome job, but VERY involved. Some 19 hour days (sometimes followed by 4 hour days, so that’s nice).

* Then I went to Japan to visit family/friends and travel for almost a month.

* Then I came back with a nice nasty ear infection. And allergies.

* Oh, but I’m learning classical guitar now! That’s new!

Man, I really don’t get sick all that often. In fact, 2009 I don’t recall being sick more than around the Winter-Spring change of seasons. But the last six months I was wrecked, more than once.

Anyway, getting back up to speed. Been in a state of both active and not active (depending on which area of life you look at).

More to come soon!