Yep, as expected, did the thing where I shoot awake, mind racing, thinking “OMG I’ve got to do that analysis for work!!” I’ve got to break myself of that for this vacation. Also realizing there’s so much stuff to do, I don’t know where to begin! For those watching from home, I haven’t taken more than one day off in a row since last June or something.

Today will be doing all the local errands that have been stacking up for a month. Will also clean up around the house, clear a workspace, set some goals. I’ll also have to meditate a little on the fact that I am not going to do the thing where I suddenly make mad plans or feel the need to do something drastic and not relax (like, “I’ve got two weeks free, why not visit Nikolai in Milwaukee or Drew in San Francisco for a day or two, I’ve got the frequent filer miles!”) just because I’ve got the time.

I plan to finish writing/editing the game I’m working on in the next few days, but I need a few days of downtime before swapping out one workload for another.

Nope. Today’s gonna start the vacation off small:

Clean up my bookshelf.
Run some errands.
Go to the art museum.
Check out the new Herman Miller chair at the showroom.
Work out a bit.
Come up with some goals re: Continuing Japanese.
Bust open the first section of Popolocrois II.
Finish the movie Gamer.
Maybe spend an hour or two on FFXIII.

I’ve got two weeks, I’m going to teach myself to relax again, and stay open to new challenges.