* The last time I took more than one vacation day in a row was back in July. I’m feeling the weight of needing to get out of here for a few days to relax and get it together.

* Not coincidentally, by January 2nd I’ll have one full month of vacation time amassed.

* Will probably do my traditional “January Staycation” around the time of my birthday: It’s been about a 7 year running thing now, might as well make it 8.

* Finance: APOL. 100 shares at 55, immediate sell to open of 1 order at like $250. Then the stock jumped up to (this AM) $59. Oh well, couldn’t have forseen that. Still, a free $250 is still a free $250.

* Sleep: 4 hours. Need to do better tonight, even if that means not writing/reading tonight.

* Recent Netflix Live: Man vs Food, Make the Yuletide Gay, The Hebrew Hammer, Bottle Shock

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