* So 5 days of illness, starting with a nasty throat condition where I couldn’t speak, then switching gears to a horrible sinus condition of sorts (I still am stuffed up in the ears, but I think sinus infection/ear infection chances are low at this point)… Alllmost over it. Still, body feels a little weak today, very tired. Just wrote a little and watched some Netflix streaming movies. “Outsourced” was a really cute movie. “My Faraway Bride” was about as telegraphed and empty as a pop-idol choreographed dancing. Binging on classic Shaw Brothers Kung Fu stories now, and pre-ordering Red Cliff for an eventual RTP group movie-watching… thing.

* Went to the gym today to do a little, because after like a week of doing nothing I feel lethargic and sluggish. So they added two pieces of new equipment to the LFF gym I go to: This thing called an “adaptive motion trainer“. It was both awesome and bizarre: It’s basically like strapping into a resistance exoskeleton, basically all the benefits of a stair and elliptical in one, where you set your pace from step to step. Brilliant: It was bizarre when I realized that I was having so much fun that my heart rate was like between 155-170 for about 40 straight minutes. Every time I measured my heartbeat I had to back off so I WOULDN’T DIE. Then I’d forget and “have fun with it” again, only to realize I was back up to 168.

Part of that was because I’m out of shape due to busy/sickness. But most of it was because you’re having so much fun you don’t notice.

I swear, if they strapped a 14″ monitor to this thing, where it gives you a visual like you’re in a robot suit stomping/running across an alien landscape, bounding over boulders and canyons (because that’s what this thing feels like when you use it), I WOULD NEVER LEAVE THIS DEVICE.

* Not ready for this “hour later” thing. It’s 8:00 but it feels like it’s 5:00. I know, it just moved up an hour and all, but I’m still recovering from all this sick so it’s having that much more weight.

Anyway, bed early tonight, work early tomorrow…

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