About Me

In the future, this will have more info about me. For now, here’s the quick lowdown:

James Andrew (“Andy”) Kitkowski (pronounced Kit-Kov-Ski). Born 1975. Moved many times, but lived mainly in Baton Rouge Louisiana, Sparta New Jersey, Glen Ellyn Illinois, Isesaki-Gunma Japan, Raleigh-Durham North Carolina. Went to school (BA in Philosophy and Sociology, minor in Japanese) at St. Norbert’s in De Pere, Wisconsin.

Married since January 1999 to the lovely Orie Hiromachi. No children, a few cats.

Current career is Computer Bitch of Awesome, working as an engineer at the computer storage company Netapp. I’ve worked here for over five years in a row now, which is more than I’ve ever done anything in a row, ever.

Social Networks: I’m on Facebook; I’m on Mixi.jp as “ziggurat”さん; I’m on Livejournal as Zigguratbuilder; I’m on Youtube as MagnusUltracock; I’m on Steam as DiamondSutra; Livestrong as DiamondSutra; Gamers with Jobs as Diamond Sutra; Playstation Network (PS3) as DiamondSutra; and various tech blogs as either my name or a variation of Diamond Sutra. Buddhism much? Yes, very.

I run a number of websites, most focused on technology, web design (hobby), or tabletop gaming. Highlights are www.kneko.com, www.story-games.com, www.j-rpg.com.

Hobbies are yoga, martial arts, reading, tabletop games.

Any questions, ask away.

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